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Biology for VCE Units 3&4 (Interim Edition)

Student Edition

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Availability November 2020
ISBN 978-1-98-856647-4
Edition 2020
Format Paperback
Page Numbers 352
Size 210 x 297 mm
Colour Full Colour



In response to VCAA’s announcement of the 12-month deferment of implementing the new Study Design, BIOZONE is adjusting its publishing timeline. 

Digital Versions

Converts the series into an
online course 

eBOOK version
Provides a replica of the printed book for iPAD and laptops
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Product Description

Chapter Titles

  • Plasma Membranes
  • Nucleic Acids
  • Gene Structure and Regulation
  • Regulating Biochemical Pathways
  • Photosynthesis
  • Cellular Respiration
  • Cellular Signals
  • Responding to Antigens
  • Immunity
  • Changes in the Genetic Makeup of a Population
  • Changes in Biodiversity Over Time
  • Detemining Relatedness Between Species
  • Human Change Over Time
  • DNA Manipulation
  • Biological Knowledge and Society
  • Practical Investigation

BIOZONE’s  Biology for VCE is dedicated to complete coverage of the  VCE study design. These editions match the 1st Edition of the title but are now in FULL COLOUR. 

Specifically designed and written for VCE Biology, these titles follow the Unit structure of the study design, incorporating a range of material for area of study 3 within context. Chapters based on key knowledge requirements begin with clear learning outcomes, and include a wealth of activities developed specifically for the study design.

These volumes combine BIOZONE’s clear presentation of content with an inquiry and evidence-based approach designed to engage students and build confidence and skills. Mathematical and practical components of the study design are well supported throughout and students are provided with ample opportunity to develop their skills in data handling, analysis, and experimental design.

With VCE Biology we deliver a comprehensive resource that is simple to use and easy to understand.

Infographic of Biology for VCE Units 1 & 2 Series  Infographic of Biology for VCE Units 3 & 4 Series


  • Annotated Diagrams

    Used throughout to explain complex ideas

  • Appealing Concept-based Activities

    Engage learners of all backgrounds and abilities with data-driven activities

  • Succinct Key Ideas

    Placed at the beginning of each activity, providing a clear focus for students

  • Differentiated Instruction

    Modular format with a range of activities is ideal for differential instruction

  • Paper Interactives and Modelling

    Promote the understanding of difficult concepts

  • Real-World Contexts

    Widely used with a balanced mix of explanation and application

  • Synoptic Tasks

    End-of-section tools for assessment and exam preparation

  • Review and Summary Sheets

    Concluding each chapter


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Activity 174 (page 250)

Trends in Brain Volume: There is an error in the model answer plot of the point for Homo floresiensis (0.05 MYA and 380 cc brain volume). This point was incorrectly plotted at 0.5 MYA.